On demand accidental death insurance for medical procedures - as little as $90 for a $100,000 benefit

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Medical procedures

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We cover the majority of elective surgeries

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Good to know...

Insurance is confusing so we’ve tried to make things as simple as possible. Click here for a longer list of frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Premiums depend on your age, procedure & desired coverage - most of our premiums are under $100

What coverage do you offer?

Accidental Death Insurance for Medical Procedures (ADIM) offers coverage for your elective surgery from admission to discharge at $30k, $75k or $100k benefits

Is my procedure covered?

We cover hundreds of elective procedures which account for half of all procedures conducted annually. We will let you know if your procedure is covered during the quote process

What if my procedure is rescheduled?

If your procedure is delayed, let us know at least 48 hours before your original admission date.
If your procedure is earlier, let us know at least 48 hours before your new admission date

What are elective surgeries?

Medical procedures that can be booked in advance. They aren’t emergent, life threatening, critical or sudden - like emergency bypass due to a heart attack or trauma surgery due to a car accident

Are there medical requirements?

There is no medical exam or coverage exclusions for existing medical conditions

How can I get in touch with someone?

You can email, call, message using the chat bot below or complete our contact form

How soon before surgery do I need to sign up?

You have to sign up at least 48 hours before your surgery

Who can apply for coverage?

We currently offer coverage to individuals in Ontario aged 20-69 undergoing elective surgery


An illustration of founder Eric in bed at a hospital
In 2020, Samos’ Founder, Eric, was gowned & waiting on a gurney for his surgery when he realized he didn’t have life insurance. He had just left his job and was no longer covered by the group, life, or AD&D benefits of his previous company.
An illustration of Eric at a hospital bed with less than optimistic search results
He started Googling his surgery as his thoughts were filled with all sorts of “what ifs”. Where there are well understood risks, you could usually find mitigation in the form of insurance. Should the unthinkable happen, he wanted his family to be taken care of.

Eric was unable to find any such insurance.
an illustration of Eric having a moment of an idea
Fortunately, Eric made it through his surgery & recovery but the experience stuck with him. In digging further, he found that many people have little to no insurance. And for those who do, they may not understand what is or isn’t covered.

Many AD&D policies actually exclude death during medical treatment & surgery.
An illustration of Samos' founding members
Eric went on to team up with health data expert, Matt, and insurance expert, Leon, to develop insurance that could address this unique need.

This lead to the founding of Samos Insurance - providing a quick & affordable way to provide surgical insurance in case of accidental death.

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